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Why should a Hotel has a mobile app

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Mobile Marketing | 0 comments

If you are running a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or any other types of hospitality business, having another channel of branding and marketing will definitely help in the business. So what type of features should be made available if you plan to have a mobile app for your hospitality business. Here are some of the main features, you should incorporate into the mobile app.

1. Location

Having a Google map pointing to the right location of your hotel will certainly allow your new customers to easily find your hotel. This will eliminate the need of your customers in calling your hotel and asking your hotel receptionist for directions.

2. Booking

A booking forms within the app will make it easier for your customers to book for the rooms. A simple booking system which sends an email to you detailing the customers details and also rooms bookings will certaily be better than getting all these information over the phone. If your hotel has a dedicated hotel booking management system, the mobile app can be used to connect to your existing hotel booking system.

3. Mobile Commerce

A room booking with payment included in the app will certainly enhance your cashflow for the hotel business. You can set it up to accept a booking fee or even make full payments for the rooms.

4.Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons can be placed inside the mobile app to get more new customers and also bring existing customers to your hotel. Coupons such as discounts on room rates or free nights  etc can be included in the mobile coupons.

5.Loyalty Cards

Gone are the days when you are issuing loyalty cards to your existing customers. You can use the loyalty card feature in the mobile apps to create repeat customers visits and create brand loyalty. Once your customers have completed the conditions, the customers can redeem the offers.

6.Hotel Information

Information on the types of rooms available, food and beverage outlets in the hotel, types of facilities etc can be easily shown in the mobile apps. Image galleries and video gallaries can be easily incorporate into the mobile apps.

7. Push notifications

You can use the Push notifications features in the mobile app to send out messages on your hotels to the app users. The messages send out can be news, special offers, discounts etc. This feature is good for maintaining constant contact to your app users and make them always remember you.

The above are some of the important features that can be added into your hotel mobile app. These features will bring better customers experience in their stay and create more loyalty in them. It will definitely increase your bottom line.

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