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Web Design

Our Design Looks Into Your Business Goals

Why Website

The website is one of the most important assets a company can have.Having a web presence is crucial in running business today. Our web design solutions will incorporate current marketing trends in the design such as Content Management System (WordPress), Social Media links, lead generation along with ease of maneuvering of website.

Your website should not just be an on line brochure.Your website should act as your marketing personnel who will be  there 24/7/365 promoting your company. Some of the main features a good website should have include :

  • Clear display of your Company’s main messages and services
  • Call to Action prompting site visitors to make a certain actions
  • Capture leads or potential customers interested on your products and services
  • Video as video speaks better than a 1000 pictures
  • Always be updated with news, offers, etc

Our Web Solutions will help you to achieve all these

Responsive web design package:

Responsive designed websites are essentially websites designed so that they can be viewed from any devices . Whether you are viewing the websites from a PC, tablets, iPads or ant smartphones, the websites will adjust accordingly with the screen size. We still offer the most popular blogging platform in the world, that is WordPress, for our Clients responsive websites. Layouts or themes chosen for these responsive web sites are premium themes meeting most of today’s business requirements.

WordPress Website

We design our websites using WordPress, the most popular Content Management System in the world. It has now powered 20 % of the total number of websites wordwide. Some of the major brands using WordPress include New York Times,

WordPress website will allow us to easily handover routine updates and maintenance of the website to the website owner upon its completion. Being the most popular in the world, obtaining support from web design companies in any parts of the world will not be difficult.

WordPress Website

We design our websites using WordPress, the most popular Content Management System in the world. It has now powered 20 % of the total number of websites wordwide. Some of the major brands using WordPress include New York Times,

WordPress website will allow us to easily handover routine updates and maintenance of the website to the website owner upon its completion. Being the most popular in the world, obtaining support from web design companies in any parts of the world will not be difficult.

Web Design Process

Identification Phase

During this phase, the potential customers is being analysed on their business needs and their website visitors ( customers needs ) . A one or two meeting sessions are normally conducted prior to preparing a detail proposal of the custom website.

Business Needs

The business has to know why they require a website. Apart from just providing information on their products and services, the business also need to know how exactly the website can contribute to their business. Do they want to increase their sales, get more brand awareness or are there any other business need to be fulfilled by the website. Common business needs will include e commerce website, buying specific products, booking an appointment, brochures information, membership websites etc.

Customers Needs

The business also need to know what their website visitors ( customers ) would be required to do when  visiting their website. The website visitors / customers needs will then cater of the types of features the website will be having.  Some of the actions the


Based on the outcome of the Identification stage, a detail proposal for the custom web development work will be prepared. The detail proposal will normally include the following :

  1. Brief background of the company
  2. The Company’s business needs
  3. The Company’s customers business needs
  4. The detail web development scope of work
  5. The time frame to complete the works
  6. The investment required
  7. The contract terms and conditions

Upon acceptance of the proposal, the works will start. For an overview of a typical contract, please click here.

Implementation Phase

The implementation phase will normally consist of the following activities

– Finalising time line and milestone

– Detail business survey and user requirements

– Preparation of website sitemap

– Preperation of website contents inventory

Conversion Strategy
– Finalising customer profile

– Visitor Workflow

– Sales and Optin Page copy

– Autoresponder mail series

Search Engine Optimisation
– Onsite SEO on main keywords

– Claiming of local page listings on Google Local and Bing Local

– Local directory claim on Yelp, City Search and Industry Related listings

– Propotype wireframing

– Detail design concepts with 2 versions

– Mobile and responsive design

Website Building
– Creation of pages

– Implementing specific custom modules

– Setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

– Cross browsers testings

E Mail Marketing Template
– Template design based on site design

– E Mail testing

– Cross browser testing

Commisioning and Completion
– Final Quality Assurance

– Transfer to live server ( confirmation of Domain nameservers )

– Email routing setup

– Warranty period of 30 days post launch. ( ammendments of items within scope at no questions asked)

– Total of 3 x 1 hour training

– Utilising the Content Management System

– Utilising Specific Modules

– E Mail marketing

– Custom Video Training Modules

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website

General Website Pricing

The total cost involved in creating a website will depend on several factors. Some of the main factors considered will include functionalities of the website, complex contents requirements, length of planning required, project management process, clients involvement and interactions in the web design process, security concerns and other specific statutory requirements of the organisation involved.

While most of our projects will be based on fixed lump sum basis, nevertheless additional requirements will be accomodated and charge on an hourly basis if need be.

To enable to gauge our project estimates for web design works, we have prepared a list of various type of website we are able to execute along with an estimated price range of the website. We will prepare a more detail estimates once the exact requirements of the client can be finalised.

Landing Page

A landing page is a one page website whose main purpose is to have the site visitors to take a certain actions. It will normally consists of an offer, brief description of the offer, testimonials and a Call To Actions. The Call To Actions would normally be contacting the company, filling in a form, subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product or redemming a coupon.

This type of website would normally cost at RM 750. If an automated email capture with a sequence of follow up emails to be provided, the cost would be RM 2000

Basic Web Site

This would be the most  common type of websites which is a brochure type of websites. Its function would be provide an online presence and branding for the organisation or company . This type of website would normally provide information on the background of the organisation or company, the products and services they offer and a form to easily contact them online. Some of the features added would include home page sliders, galleries of image, blogs and google maps location of the organisation or company. The typical website would be between 10 to 20 pages.

The brochure type of website would normally cost between RM 3000 to RM 5000. 

Medium Range Web Site

These are websites whose function will go beyond the normal brochure types of websites. Some of the types of websites that will fall in this category would include membership website, learning management system, social networking site, event management and ticketing website.

The typical cost of this type of website would be in the range of RM 5,000 to RM 20,000 .

Advanced Website

This type of website would require lengthy periods of planning, consulting, database deign, meetings with end users and extensive project mangement process. The typical client for this type of website would be Government / Large Corporation and Higher Learning Education Organisation. The cost of the website would depend on the fuctional specification of the website, number of people involved in the web project, number of meetings to be conducted, website security and any other Government or Corporation requirements.

The price of this type of website would start at RM 30,000 with the final price depending on the factors mentioned above.

E Commerce Website

This is an online shop type of website enabling the Company to start selling various types products or services. This type of website would require a payment gateway, merchant account ( with Paypal, SenangPay etc ) , or any other custom features ( POS integration, Shipping rates, coupons, etc ) . E Commerce website would also require to be hosted with Secure Socket Layers ( SSL ) for added security as it will be accepting customers financial data from the website.

The basic e commerce website would start at RM 5,000 for custom design e commerce website with 10 products. The final price will eventually depend on the total number of products and any other custom features on the website .

Mock Ups

Sometimes client would request mockups of websites before engaging our services. Our typical charge for creating mock up of webpages would be RM 750 for the home page and RM 450 for each additional page. We would provide the mock up as PNG file upon completion.

Template Website

If cost is a factor and a quick turn around of website is required, this type of website would be ideal. We have chosen several beautiful, modern, contemporary designed type of website to be included in  the template website. Typically, the client will provide images and contents to the website with no changes to be made on the layout. Colours to reflect clients’ corporate colours will also incorporated.

This type of website would be costing RM 999. To purchase these type of website, please click the link below.

Template Website

Common website features

The features below can be added to a basic information types of website.

Google Analytics

Live Chat

Event Registration


Custom Form

Website Security


Newsletter Sign Up

Online Donations

Video Embed

Slider Module

Gallery Page



Video Background

Google Map

Online Payment



Need A Customise Website

We would appreciate if you could fill in our ‘Website Project Questionaire’. The objective of this questionaire is for us to get more information on your business and determine whether we should be working together for the website development works.

Website Project Questionaire
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