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In  collaboration with Rina Properties Subang Jaya, a half day workshop was conducted on 31st July 2013 to several Real Estate agents and negotiators in the Group on video creation for their properties listings. This workshop was held as result of a preview conducted at Rina Properties Subang Jaya on the utilising video marketing for promoting their properties listings.

During the workshop, the participants were taught among others the following :

  • Utilising video editing software
  • Creating ¬†and editing slide show type of videos for their properties
  • Editing live video clips
  • Best Techniques of capturing videos for properties listings
  • Setting up You Tube channel for showcasing of the properties
  • SEO optimised of the You Tube channel

It is hoped that after attending this workshop, the participants will be able to incorporate videos as part of their marketing techniques in the promotion of their properties.

Below are some of the photos taken during the events;





















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