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Ticketing System

Sell Events Faster, Increase Revenue

Events Ticketing System

You Keep Total Sales Of Your Events

Stop sharing event ticket sales with third party providers

Your fans will love attending your events

Everything can be done with a click of a mouse or with their fingers.

If you are an event management company, training company, non profits organisation or any company organising a lot of events, why not make life easier for your events participants and also eventually make your tickets sell faster. Start selling your events on line and watch how your ticket sales will be sold faster.

Setting up your own ticketing system will also eliminate the need to share revenues with some other online ticket sales providers. Not only there’s no need to share revenue but the sales proceed can be derived immediately without waiting for the remittance from the third party providers. The online ticketing system will influenced faster decision for events participants to buy the tickets. 

Your ticketing system site will be selling for your event tickets 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 

Ticketing System Features

The most common features of your self hosted ticketing system.


Based on the most popular Content Management System

Custom Design Tickets

Customised the design of the events tickets to your liking.

Easy Check-in

Events check-in can be done via smartphones apps or desktop

Online Payment

Uses paypal/stripe or banks  as payment gateway

Unlimited Tickets

No limits on the number of tickets  you want to sell

Unlimited Events

Set up for an umlimited events you want to organise.

Important questions on setting up event ticketing system

Where will the event ticketing system hosted

The system will be hosted online. So, there is no software to be downloaded. You will need to get a server to host the system. If you already have a web hosting server, the system can be added to your existing web hosting server .

Can the system integrate with my website

If your website is a WordPress based website, integrating into your existing website would be very  easy. If your website is a non WordPress based, we will be installing the system on your sub domain of your website. 

Do we need merchant account with bank

It would be ideal to have a merchant account with banking institution for your event ticketing system. However, this would be difficult for new business. This will be overcome by using approved payment gateway that can accept credit cards and online bank transfers. Some of the local companies providing this service in Malaysia include iPay88, SenangPay and MolPay.

How will my customers receive their tickets

All your customers will receive an on line ticket in which they can download the pdf print outs. They will also receive a QR code or bar code, which can be used for check-in when done via the use of Android and iPhone apps. 

Can we use the system for free events

Yes, the system can be used for even non paying events. It will speed up the registration and make the check-in process faster. List of participants attending free events will be stored in the system database, which will be useful for invitation of future events. 

Start Selling Your Tickets online

We will set up the online event ticketing system for you.

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