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Social Media Audit

Let us analyse your social media presence

A social media audit is a systematic review of a company’s current social media accounts and presence. The word audit comes from an official inspection of an organization’s financial accounts, typically by an independent body.

A social media audit will show a very structured viewpoint that can be used as evidence in formulating a strategy for a company before embarking on any future social media activities.  Social media audits will examine the following areas:

  • Identifying of all social media accounts both “owned” and “imposters”(created by unauthorised party)
  • Evaluation of existing social media profiles in meeting the company’s missions and objectives.
  • Accuracy of profiles against brand guidelines in terms of  imagery, logos, spelling of accounts, URLs etc
  • Accounts Metrics including- number of fans/likes, frequency of posts
  • Types and structure of posts
  • Mentions on both “formal” and “informal” on social networks
  • Engagement or responses to fans interactions

In addition to the above areas an audit will also include a comparison against 2 or 3 of competitors providing similar types of services. This will demonstrate how competitors in the same industry or services are managing their social media activities.

Social Media Strategy

The objective of having a social media strategy is mainly to begin planning a marketing strategy for a company using the various social media networks. This strategy should ultimately build up the client’s follower, potential leads over time and generate more business to the company. Strategy of using the necessary tools will be proposed to ensure success. Strategies will also be formulated to create a successful marketing campaign to grow the company’s social media presence.

In preparing the strategy proposal, the following areas will be looked at


A clear business goal and objective of the company will be developed. Is it for branding or increase sales etc


Track and Analyze

Strategy to track and analyze progress of social media campaign using Google and Facebook existing tools.


Contents Strategy

What should be posted, time for posting and also the target audience of the posting. Responsible parties for these contents will also be looked at.

Adjustment Of Strategy

Constantly revising the strategy to ensure the effectiveness of the activities and campaign done on the social networks.

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