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Custom Web Site

Websites for conversion and profits


Our web design process will essentially be done in the following steps.



During this phase, the potential customers is being analysed on their business needs and their website visitors. A one or two meeting sessions are normally conducted prior to preparing a detail proposal of the custom website.



Based on the outcome of the Identification stage, a detail proposal for the custom web development work will be prepared.



This phase will involve the creating of wireframe, design of website, coding of website, deployment on server, browser testing and reliability run of live website.  

Detail Process

Identification Phase

During this phase, the potential customers is being analysed on their business needs and their website visitors ( customers needs ) . A one or two meeting sessions are normally conducted prior to preparing a detail proposal of the custom website.

Business Needs

The business has to know why they require a website. Apart from just providing information on their products and services, the business also need to know how exactly the website can contribute to their business. Do they want to increase their sales, get more brand awareness or are there any other business need to be fulfilled by the website. Common business needs will include e commerce website, buying specific products, booking an appointment, brochures information, membership websites etc.

Customers Needs

The business also need to know what their website visitors ( customers ) would be required to do when  visiting their website. The website visitors / customers needs will then cater of the types of features the website will be having.  Some of the actions the


Based on the outcome of the Identification stage, a detail proposal for the custom web development work will be prepared. The detail proposal will normally include the following :

  1. Brief background of the company
  2. The Company’s business needs
  3. The Company’s customers business needs
  4. The detail web development scope of work
  5. The time frame to complete the works
  6. The investment required
  7. The contract terms and conditions

Upon acceptance of the proposal, the works will start. For an overview of a typical contract, please click here.

Implementation Phase

The implementation phase will normally consist of the following activities

– Finalising time line and milestone

– Detail business survey and user requirements

– Preparation of website sitemap

– Preperation of website contents inventory

Conversion Strategy
– Finalising customer profile

– Visitor Workflow

– Sales and Optin Page copy

– Autoresponder mail series

Search Engine Optimisation
– Onsite SEO on main keywords

– Claiming of local page listings on Google Local and Bing Local

– Local directory claim on Yelp, City Search and Industry Related listings

– Propotype wireframing

– Detail design concepts with 2 versions

– Mobile and responsive design

Website Building
– Creation of pages

– Implementing specific custom modules

– Setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

– Cross browsers testings

E Mail Marketing Template
– Template design based on site design

– E Mail testing

– Cross browser testing

Commisioning and Completion
– Final Quality Assurance

– Transfer to live server ( confirmation of Domain nameservers )

– Email routing setup

– Warranty period of 30 days post launch. ( ammendments of items within scope at no questions asked)

– Total of 3 x 1 hour training

– Utilising the Content Management System

– Utilising Specific Modules

– E Mail marketing

– Custom Video Training Modules

Common website features

The features below can be added to a basic information types of website.

Google Analytics

Live Chat

Event Registration


Custom Form

Website Security


Newsletter Sign Up

Online Donations

Video Embed

Slider Module

Gallery Page



Video Background

Google Map

Online Payment




The following are some of the frequently asked questions with regards to custom designed website.

What is the layout of the website ?

The layout of the website will be customise. To speed things up, the client is recommended to show 3 layout design of websites he would like to follow. We will start our design based on the chosen design. Otherwise, we will be proposing 3 different layouts based on the client’s industry.

Can I have a custom home page design?

Yes, custom home page design will be included in the custom website packages. 

Is hosting included for the website?

The hosting of the website will be the responsibility of the client. The client will pass to us the access to the hosting server. If the client does not have any hosting, we will recommend the hosting provider to be used to host the website.

Can the client modify the contents of the website ?

The client will be able to modify the website contents such as the text and images.   A step by step video tutorial will be provided to guide the client on how to modify the contents of the website. To avoid the overall damage of the website, modification can only be done on the contents but not the layout. 

What is the Standard Contact form ?

A standard contact form will enable web site visitors to contact the clients from the website. It will include the site visitors name, email address and information required. The Captcha features will be included in the contact form. Captcha features will normally prevent any robots spamming the contact form.

What is the meaning of website protection?

The website will be installed with a software to protect hackers, and protect it from being infected with malwares and viruses. It will, amongst others, also scans on regular basis for over 44,000 malwares

Who is responsible for the contents ?

The client will be responsible to create the contents. Upon payment for the web package, an online form will be presented to be filled by the client for the contents. If we are required to prepare the contents, a seperate quote will be given to the client.

Who is responsible for the images ?

The client will be responsible to submit all images to be used for the website. Images will include sliders, banners or any other type of images.

Is graphic design included for the website?

No graphic design works is included in the package. The client will be responsible for the any graphic design works. Client can request us to undertake the graphic design works by browsing our design packages at

How long will it take to complete the website ?

The website will be completed within one month. However, this is subject to the client submitting to us the completed contents and images to be used. Publishing live on the internet will only be done once all the contents and images are completed.

What is the meaning of Google Analytics at the dashboard?

The website will displays Google Analytics Reports and Real-Time Statistics in your Dashboard. This statistics will show the number of visitors to the site. Tracking code will also be installed in every page of the website.

What is the meaning of E Mail capture form ?

This software will enable to capture emails of site visitors automatically into a database of websites visitors. With this database, the website owner can regularly send out emails such as newsletters, offers and discounts etc to the email name list.

Need A Customise Website

We would appreciate if you could fill in our ‘Website Project Questionaire’. The objective of this questionaire is for us to get more information on your business and determine the best price quotation for your web development project

Website Project Questionaire
Eg. " Inform others of our services", " Attract potential customers", "Get people to call us ", " Get people to sign up", " Get people to donate to our cause"
Eg. " call","email', "sign up", " visit"
Eg. " blog","events', "galleries", " newsletter", etc
Eg. " 4-5 pages","home', "about us", " our services", etc
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