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Business Consultancy Agency Websites Features

Feb 19, 2017 | Web Consulting | 0 comments

In this post we will be discussing the important contents a business consultancy agency should have on their website to drive more business for  their agency. The various types of consultancy business will include business consultancy, management consultancy, engineering consultancy or any other types of consultancy services which utilises the expertise and experience of the owner and his team .

1.0       Hero Image/ Hero Sliders

Hero image or slider are now common in most websites. We have discussed on the importance of a Hero image here . This is where the consultancy firm will display their tagline of the company.  Most tagline will include their unique selling proposition, main service, or may be just a brief description about the company. The Hero image / slider to be used my be include the images of the company, people in the organisation or sometimes show the end results of the problems solved by the consulting company.

2.0       Services Provided

The next important contents to have will be listing down the services provided by the company. This is normally done by having a services features section on the home page, where only the summary of services are provided, and a dedicated page to list down the services provided in great details.

3.0       The Team

The most important component in driving the success of a consultancy company will be the people running the company. A dedicated page should be provided to show who are the experts running the company. The profile of each of the main person in the firm should be made available. The profile should have a proper professional headshot of the person, his brief ( or detail bios ) and his social media links. With regards to social media links, preferably it would only be Linkedin as Facebook and Twitter will often have personal post.  A direct email link to each of the team member will make it easier for prospects to contact them.

4.0       About The Company

A dedicated page should be provided to further explain more about the company. This is where the company will provide more details on its history, vision, mission, achievements, why should people do business with them, how they differ from other consultancy companies or any other information that can convince people to engage them.

5.0       Testimonials

An important content  but often neglected by most consultancy companies on their website. Often, a couple of testimonials from their main clients are placed on the home page.  Having a dedicated page devoting to just testimonials from all their clients will definitely increase their credibility and further enhance the prospects of landing more business for the company.

6.0       Blog Section

As a consultancy firm is providing their expertise to their clients, blogging is an important tool to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to  the public. Relevant tips, ideas, trends or any helpful contents will enhanced the credibility and be seen as an experts  in their respective services.

Apart from helpful contents, latest news about the firm can also be provided. This will show the human side of the company. Some news to be considered may include new clients acquired, news on personnel, achievements and awards.

7.0       On Line Appointment Scheduler

Another important feature that is appearing  recently on most consultancy business websites is an online appointment scheduler. This feature will enable prospect clients to immediately schedule an appointment with the relevant person in the firm without the need to call the firm. A prospect, once convinced to do business with the firm, can immediately request an appointment with the firm


Hopefully some of the ideas above can be added in your existing consultancy business website. If you are rebuilding your website, please inform your web developer to include the elements above in your new website.


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