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Accounting System

Quick Decision , Higher Profits

Accounting Management System

Real Time Knowledge of Your Company's Financial Position

Web based accounting system : Route to a more safe and financial data.

CEOs Need This

Make Better Decision On Company’s Finances

Most organisation will have their financial accounting system be based on traditional desktop accounting application. Business owners have to rely on reports coming out from finance managers to actually know the financial status of the company. Enter web based Accounting system, where any data input by the finance department, will be known in real time to the CEOs of companies without waiting for any report.

What happen if the desktop software got corrupted, thumb drive lost, laptop stolen ? A web based system will protect financial data of an organisation leaving the CEO peace of mind in running the company.

As the Accounting System will be web based, CEOs and Finance Managers can access information and data from anywhere and anytime and make crucial financial decision.

Accounting System Features

The most common features of your Accounting System


Accounts System is open sourced based on the most popular CMS

Preloaded Accounts

Preloaded standard income, expenses, equity etc. Save time

Expense Management

Vendor list, vendor credit and payment vouchers

Account Overviews

income, expenses, assets and liabilities, all in real time.

Sales Management

Track invoicing and payment received

Journal Entry

Simple journal entry for accountants

Important questions on Accounting System

Why do I want the Accounting System to be web based.

A desktop accounting version will only have the software available on a particular PC, which would normally be the Finance Manager. The problem with this will include only one person will have access, data will be moving around in thumb drive making it insecure, costly and complicated to do backups, software updates are often expensive and finally financial information is not available in real time.

A web based system will enable CEOs and Finance Managers accessing the information in real time anywhere, anytime and on any devices as long as there’s an internet connection. Real time financial information will enable CEOs of companies to make better financial decision to bring about more profits for the companies.

What about the Software As A Service (SAAS) Accounting System

There are some companies who provide Software As A Service (SAAS) Accounting System. They normally charge some monthly fees for using the system. As these SAAS Accounting System have already been set up by the provider, companies intending to use it will not have to incur any upfront system set up cost.

The main setback of the system is that as long as you pay for it, you can use it. The moment you stop paying, you can’t use it. Everything is gone. All data and information in the system is gone. Often, they will also charge per user basis making it more costly if you want to have more users accessing the system.

Another main setback is you do not own the data. As the data is in their system, they own the data. Would you trust you organisation data in someone else possession?

If the system is web based, where will it be hosted

The system will be hosted online. So, there is no software to be downloaded. You will need to get a server to host the system. If you already have a web hosting server, the system can be added to your existing web hosting server .

Can the system integrate with my website

If your website is a WordPress based website, integrating into your existing website would be very  easy. If your website is a non WordPress based, we will be installing the system on your sub domain of your website.

Who will be responsible for the system security

The server security will be managed by your web hosting company.We will install the relevant security software on the Accounting System during installation. You can subscribe to our web care plan for on going software updates, security and back up services. Our webcare plan can be seen here

Is there any liecense that need to be paid to use the system

The software used is based on WordPress and it is an open source software. You will not be tied up to a proprietry software. There are plenty of companies worldwide who are well verse in WordPress. Whatever additional on going cost to the system, it will be for the support and updates on the software. The software can still be used without any updates but you may be missing on any new features that may be added to it.

Start my online accounting system

We will set up the online accounting system for you.

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