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Our Web Based Solutions


Business Branding

Proper branding of all online assets is crucial for business today. Potential customers will search on-line and on social media sites before deciding to do any business with the company. Find out in the services we do to enhance your branding.

Sales And Marketing

Use web based technology to increase sales. Provide convenience and ease for customers to make on-line purchase decison. Find out in the services we do to enhance your sales and marketing activities for higher business profitability

Business Operations

Managing human resource, customer relationship, project management are crucial in effectiveness and efficient running of a business organisation. Find out in the services we do to enhance your business productivity and increases revenue.

We strive to provide the best on-line tools for business success


We identify your needs and business goals, immediate and long term.

We design and deploy the on-line assets to meet your business goals

We test and measure your return on investment after project completion

”We provide ideas and solutions to increase profitability of your business by utilising the latest web based and mobile tools “

Welcome to our corporate website.

The growth of your business is also the growth of our business. We differ from the other technology company , where our solutions are simple and cost effective. Your business profitability is always in our minds which ever technology solutions we are providing to your Company . Talk to us and you will found out why we differ.

Thank You.

Dato' Ir Abdul Aziz Abdullah


Our Expertise

  • Web Development 90%
  • Mobile Applications 95%
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy 92%


Almost 3 Billion people – or 40 % of the world population are on the internet. Close to one out of three people in the developing countries are online.

ITU World Telecommunications/ICT Indicators Database

Mobile optimisation will become crucial than ever with business incorporating mobile into all domains of digital marketing.

Forbes Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions 2015

B2B and B2C marketers worldwide name video as top 3 most effective social media marketing strategy.

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